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The new tech bubble — hiding behind a screen

Tech A list blogger Robert Scoble wrote an interesting post today talking about the valley murmurs of a new tech bubble. Scoble made some interesting points.

-We’re in a bubble of attention diffusers.

-Huh? I’m getting so many things pulling me in so many directions that it’s hard to spend 60 minutes just thinking about one thing and getting deep.

– The problem is that so much is coming at us that we’re just not doing a good job of understanding it and dealing with it all.

All good valid points, but I think we are just glossing over the real problem here. Simply put, we are forgetting to open our eyes and live in the world directly surrounding us.

Take the new tech startup fatdoor. It helps you get to know your neighbors without the awkward element of knocking on the door and saying hi. God forbid you to stammer over your words, offend someone or embarrassingly blank on your own first name. It’s way to convenient to just to type your thoughts down and hope they decide to open your note.

Are we in a bubble? I strongly think so, but it’s a bubble of information desensitizing ourselves from human interaction. One I do like, but am scared to get too involved in.

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