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Utah vs. Iraq – My blood is boiling

The facts speak for themselves.


• 9 casualties in a tragic mine accident : 2,500 Google News Alerts
• Every national publication leads with story above the fold. News Broadcasts flash sexy graphics recreating the accident.
• Hundreds of hours are spent discussing the tragedy on the 24-hour networks.


• 400 and climbing brutally massacred villagers where four truck bombs targeted mothers, children and innocent bystanders: 1,473 Google News Alerts
• Only the Washington Post decides to run a front-page story. The New York Times buries it on A6.
• News broadcasts skim over the attack
• 24-hour networks cry behind closed doors that it didn’t happen closer to home so they could dispatch their “crisis teams.”

I wish I could write more but my blood is boiling. For a high-level and concise analysis please read this post in the Columbia Journalism Reivew.

Lord Have Mercy

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