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Lost for words — 9/11

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I want so badly to write about how 9/11 brought me and my fellow classmates closer together. About how just three weeks into college, my four roommates and I were thrust into a world of uncharted emotion. How courses changed their direction while professors struggled to put the terror into context. About the endless arguments with fellow classmates about what being patriotic meant, and why I felt so strongly about flying the American flag.

I want so badly to recount those frantic moments driving around town looking for a newspaper even though the TV was live. The fact that just about EVERY person I knew was glued to the TV for days, and MTV was nothing but streaming coverage.

I want so badly to poetically write about the tears that welled up in me sitting alone at my desk trying to comprehend the death. The fact that I almost got in my car and drove across the county to help, even if it was just to hand water out to volunteers.

But I can’t. Not because I’m too lazy, but because I have no way of expressing myself on paper. Emotion wells up in me so fast that words become a jumbled mess. I find my heart splitting in two when I think about the day and it’s aftermath.

They say everyone remembers where they were when they heard that Kennedy had been shot, when Pearl Harbor had been bombed and now when the World Trade Centers Fell. Well I remember where I was. I was sitting alone in my dorm room bewildered, until my roommate and now good friend ran into the house frantically yelling, “America is under attack!” The rest though is a bit blurry with tears.

Lord Have Mercy

Lost for words

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