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Circuit City Falls Flat….“What are they? VHS Tapes? I don’t understand.”

September 13, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was late, around 8:30 and Circuit City was winding down from a day of LCD sales and digital camera demonstrations. I was picking up some blank videotapes for my brother, who needed them for a class project. After wandering around the store for a few minutes and not seeing any, I decided to ask for some help.

To a girl walking through the store. (FYI This is the smallest Circuit City Store layout. You can throw a football from one end to the other with no problem)

“Hi, excuse me do you have a quick second?”

“Um, yea, I think, wait, ok, yea, what’s up?”

“I’m just looking for some blank VHS tapes. Any chance you know where they are?”

“Um, no, of course not, I work in computers, but that girl over there (points to the middle of the store seven feet away) would know.”


I walk over and ask the other girl

“What are they? VHS Tapes? I don’t understand.”

(Trying not to show my obvious surprise) “Ah you know, videos, like what you play in VCR’s, what we used before DVD’s?”

“Oh, yea, I think I remember those,” – Think? You think? Good God Girl, DVD’s only came out in the late 90’s “Let me ask my manager if we have them.”

She disappears for five minutes.

“Were out, sorry.”

“No worries, thanks though.”

Moral of the story. Walking into a Circuit City now no longer means that the sales person knows what VHS tapes are. Why is this important? Because if they don’t know where technology came from, then how the hell are you supposed to trust them when they tell you the $6,000 you are spending is well worth it?

Just like the video I posted a few days ago…Shift Happens

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  1. Katie
    September 13, 2007 at 5:40 pm

    I believe Long’s still carries VHS tapes- they’ve always been a few steps behind. And no…I haven’t jumped into the 5 o’clock arena….still skipping out at 6.

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