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Proof that people could live without Starbucks

September 20, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just took a side trip to Mesa Verde National Park on my way to Durango and was once again reassured that life did in fact go on before Starbucks. Apparently, these folks (Ancestral Pueblo People), used to live in cliff dwellings, and according to one sign, “worked hard all year just to survive.”

I guess it would not be a stretch to say their lives would have been easier with the new iPhone, which would have allowed them to see how much food their buddy had left, without going on a two-week hike across the valley.

(The Cliff House — Just think, if this were today I bet there would be three Starbucks smashed in there…)


  1. Wendy
    September 22, 2007 at 10:50 pm

    Tim, I really love Mesa Verde. I just finished an incredible book that included it in a search for what happened to the Anasazi culture (don’t bother correcting me on that name…I know the debate). Of course, now I wish I could be there so I could see it with new eyes. On a side note, once when Michael, Justin, Jared and I visited and took a tour we had a particularly sincere guide. The guide pointed out that the place had no fences and no need for fences since they were such a superior people. Toward the end of the walk, the guide gave the educated guesses of why the people just vanished and one of them was that they entered into cannibalism! You should have seen Michael and the boys: “No fences!! Oh yeah, great idea!” And Durango! How cool it that? Have fun choosing what to do first!

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