Tim’s Index

September 23, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

• Days on the road: 7
• Miles driven: 2,130
• Average MPH: 80 (if not my mom add 10)
• Average MPG: 27.5
• Money Spent on Gas: equal to a 1/4 of a new pen for a Chevron Executive
• Days spent sleeping in my car: 2 (one in 107 degree heat…if it wasn’t in front of a monastery I’d say it was hell on earth)
• Beers consumed: 4 (Sad I know, but hey, I’m on a budget and getting drunk is expensive)
• Games of Tennis played on Nintento Wii: Too many to count
• Times I wish I had an iPod integrator for my car: 4,567,876,543
• Times I have said “oh shit, I’m really lost.”: 1 – found myself explaining to a rancher why I was on his land.
• Photos taken: 670 (maybe 20 worth even mentioning)
• Highest peak climbed: 13,000 (Does the word exposure mean anything to you?)
• Miles run: 35 (elevation = “holy cow my lungs are bursting !”)
• Times I realized this was the right thing to do: Every second.

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