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When just getting by isn’t good enough

November 21, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I will be the first to say I’m blessed. My entire life has been easy. I’ve always had a place to live, food on my table and parents that were together and supportive. My family has remained close, I’m attending my friends’ weddings and this morning my car started despite the 4 degree temperatures.

So when I write a headline like, When Just getting by isn’t good enough, it can seem as though I’m just complaining.

Well I’m not, and this is why.

I’m getting a chance to do some really cool things at work in the multimedia space. Video, podcasting, Google earth, slide shows and interactive features are all within my reach.

The magazines editors, all extremely accomplished and successful, have little to no experience in multimedia and are looking at a young Intern with wide-eyes and amazement. I don’t have the heart to tell most of them that the technology I’m using is archaic and mundane, so instead I sit and smile wondering what would be possible if the flood gates opened, and I didn’t have to just get by.

You see, in today’s work environment, entry-level employees looking for a leg up cannot rely on just getting by. Slow computers, old programs, lack of training and financial support are just a few of the obstacles one must overcome when working in the fast paced environment of multimedia and publishing.

Take for instance the following scenario.

I own a one-year-old 13inch macbook. The screen is cramped and cumbersome. I bought the computer because I needed portability and a desktop was just not feasible. Now, one year later, the lack of screen space is putting a major speed bump in my work.

So why not just go buy a cheap monitor, would be the next logical question. Well unfortunately, cheap monitors are cheap for a reason, and since I’m working the precise color correction, fine details and my future, the need to not cut corners is imperative.

But then comes reality.

A screen alone costs upwards of $1,000 and that’s not even including the thousands of dollars of computer programs needed to create professional multimedia presentations. Add in the fact that computers need to be updated every six months to a year, and it’s a wonder I’ll ever be able to climb out of the desperate 13-inch reality and into the more realistic professional world.

So is it ok to just get by today? My gut says yes, but reality, says no.

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