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Pure F-ing Genius

January 22, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sorry for the delay folks. Work has been busy and according to my coworkers, “Tim is trying to take over the world.” In reality it’s just California and Las Vegas.

Remember that computer Steve Jobs released last week? The small, yet significant paper-thin laptop that instantaneously created an obesity epidemic for laptops everywhere?

Well it has gotten better. And in true Apple fashion, the creators are as far from Steve Jobs as you can get.

I present to you AirMail. No seriously, I’m not joking, this thing is so F-ing genious, even Fake Steve wrote about it.

Two hippies: one journalist, one web designer/musician have done what millions wish they could. Make and market vinal manila envelopes to double as sleeves for the new Macbook Air.

Their website, eye candy in itself, not only mimics Apple, but proves how stupid Fortune 500 companies are.

In it’s entirety the site has less than 300 words of written text.

They have three simple choices for visitors.

AirMail: All you want to know
Press about AirMail
AirMail: About the makers

They have three high-res graphics for press to utilize. Multiple email hotlinks for questions, and ordering options from the home page.

There is no clutter. No splashing quotes on the header. Just simple white with a splash of manila.

These guys are genius. Pure F-ing geniuses.

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