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One hell of a year… Backpacker and Bicycling Clips

One year ago today I became unemployed with the goal of becoming an adventure travel writer. Now, a year later, I’m unemployed again. The difference? Five thousand miles, twenty eight states, a Colorado ID, and nine months at Backpacker Magazine.

I suspect I will be writing about my internship a lot, but for now I just want to point to most of the deliverables and takeaways from my time at Backpacker and Bicycling.

GPS-supported Conent

  • Appalachian Trail GPS-Supported Map Fact checked, coedited and coproduced GPS-supported trail maps for the AT. Includes: 1,200+ miles of trail, thousands of waypoints, hundreds of photos, and 120+ individual trips.
  • Fruita Mountain Biking – In typical Backpacker style, the map team headed to Fruita for a weekend of mountain biking and team building. In the process we also GPSed the trip, shot video and photos, and came back to put it all together.

Backpacker Magazine Clips

Google Earth – When I arrived at Backpacker, the words “Google Earth” carried little weight. After scoping out GE and how it enabled Backpacker readers to plan, execute, and share potential trips, I went to map editor Kris Wagner and suggested Backpacker begin using the program. With little resistance, Backpacker editors jumped on board constantly being wowed with the program and using it in both print and online stories.

  • Google Earth June 08 Cover – I worked directly with editor and chief Jon Dorn, and design director Matthew Bates, to conceptualize and execute June’s digital cover shot. I was also responsible for working directly with Google to approve the cover, and secure copyright permissions from the image providers.
  • iHike Package June 08 – Worked directly with editors to include Google Earth tips and screenshots in the June iHike package. Also worked directly with Google to approve digital images.

Tour de France Video Project – Two months ago my editor decided to send assistant editor Mark Harrison to France. The goal was to preview five of the tour’s stages in ways previously not being done. After two weeks of storyboarding, video lessons, and mayhem, Mark flew abroad. The end result was four high-quality videos on Bicycling.com, incorporating GPS-supported content, Google Earth, flash graphics and Getty Images.

New Media Feature Package – During the month of April I worked on a new media feature package. The topic, hiking blind, was pulled apart into interactive GPS content, a podcast, two videos and a written component.

Bicycling Magazine Clips

  • Perfect Day: Las Vegas (On newsstand August 1)
  • GPS-supported rides at bicycling.com/lasvegas (August 1)

Backpacker.com Blog

Backpacker Magazine PR – Taking the experience from my previous PR job, I worked with senior editors and Backpacker’s PR team to write and promote the launching of Backpacker.com, and five tips on how to get outside more.

Of course there is also all the stuff from my “actual job,” which was managing California, Nevada, and Hawaii for backpacker.com/destinations.

  1. James Menard
    July 2, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Tim, I can’t wait to peruse all those links! You’ve accomplished so much and I am grateful that you gave all of us the opportunity to walk (hike) along with you. You should be very proud of yourself for all that you’ve done!

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