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Rush proves genius – LA Times bleeds

The Los Angeles Times must be pissed. On the same day they announce 250 layoffs—150 coming from the newsroom itself—Rush Limbaugh, the loudmouthed-pill-popping-sun-of-a-gun radio personality announced an extension of his already plush contract. The payoff? 400 million over eight years.

Adding insult to injury, the LA Times also announced they would be restructuring the paper cutting 15 percent of pages by the fall.

In today’s Associated Press story, editor Russ Stanton was quoted saying: “The number one reason that people cancel the L.A. Times is, they tell us, they don’t have enough time to read the paper that we give them every day. We’re going to be more picky about the stories we choose to write long and a lot more picky about the ones we write shorter.

Thank God Britney and Paris have been good girls lately. Five hundred words on Britney’s underwear would need to be cut, eliminating crucial details including color and style.

It is no secret that the LA Times is a fat newspaper. Some critics have pointed out that selected reporters on payroll have not written a story in years. The newsroom is full of glut and excess. But that aside, the staggering cuts come in a time when news is equivalent to money and not necessarily quality, which means only one thing: Less Iraq, more Hollywood.

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