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Have An Idea? Don’t Sit On It! — RiverGuide for Kayakers

Two months ago while sitting in the airport I was texting my boss a new business idea: “We could build a website that aggregates all the geological stream data in the US and build the ultimate spot for kayakers, boaters and fishermen.” My boss thought it was genius and encouraged me to pursue the idea. Just one problem: I had no idea how to code, where to start, and if it was even possible.

Enter RiverGuide for Kayakers — a new iPhone application that does everything I said above, except it’s on your phone, in the palm of your hand, with gps driving directions, the ability to call your buddies, and of course the Internet.

The application sells for $1.99 and according to a quick Google search is popular. Apple employees have even picked it as a “top favorite.”

Beyond the obvious lesson–don’t sit on your ass when you have an idea–I learned something else. I saw barriers and didn’t have the drive to push through them. Instead I worked harder than ever at my job, and even played harder on the weekends. Was it worth it? In hindsight yes, but then again, I did get scooped once again and damn it hurts.

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