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Parade of Nations – Okay I’m late on this but still…

Thoughts while watching the Opening Ceremonies

Croatia is apparently really good at handball – who knew?

Some country – can’t remember right now – only has one athlete. “Gives him a pretty good chance to be the flab bearer.” ~ Bob Costas

President Bush looks bored out of his mind

Damn Visa is good. Commercial gave me goose bumps.

This dude – no idea how to spell his name – is a swimmer and his country doesn’t even have an Olympic size swimming pool. “That’s a common thing in some countries,” Bob Costas says. And to think we have everything here including frivolous iPhone apps…

Women’s Volleyball = hot

Parade of nations is long – who knew there were so many countries?

Aruba’s athletes look like, well, Arubians.

Apparently the only women athlete from Afghanistan had to flee the country last month after death threats for being a woman. Makes you think how backwards things still are.

The Tanzania flag bearer is small – turns out he finished the marathon an hour after the winners last time “my country didn’t send me 7,000 miles to run the race, they sent me 7,000 miles to finish,” he said afterwards.

Britain has a 14-year-old diver. I’m 25. Shit I feel old.

There are people clapping as the athletes come in – I wonder how they can clap so long.
(Note: NBC just said look at the cheerleaders – crap I should be producing this…)

The French are not drinking wine and eating cheese – surprising

American Flag Bearer – Tear in my eye

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  1. Susan
    August 18, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Most inspiring moment: the 38 yr old woman marathon Gold medalist who finished WAY ahead of Silver and Bronze.

    And you are right – those NYT photos everyday are incredible.

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