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Forget Steroids Can You Trust China?

Forgive me for being pessimistic here, but a few things aren’t shaping up. In light of making this the perfect games, China seems to be screwing up big time.

Strike 1:

China picks the pretty girl to be the face of a nation, but determines the ugly one has a better voice. Ends up misleading 4 billion people into thinking the girl is singing, the games are perfect and the next Britney Spears is just seven-years-old.

Strike 2:

A year ago the girl was too young to compete, but somehow is old enough now. In an effort to win at any cost, it seems China may be using a 14-year-old to snag a few more gold metals.

Strike 3:

The Michael Phelps of China, 110-meter hurdler Liu Xiang, pulls out of his race just moments before the gun goes off. Turns out he had an injury, and forgot to tell 1.3 billion people. The Chinese reactions on NBC Nightly News said it all — WTF happened? Of course don’t forget the fact he was the FACE of these games in China, and more than a few million dollars were spent on his name.

You’re Out!

One of the most outrageous things yet: A mother who applied for a protest application is detained for 30 days while the games goes on. NBC Nightly News goes to find out if it’s true and runs into more politics than Hillary and Obama locked in a room.

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  1. Dana
    August 20, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Here’s some more:

    China hushes up the injury of one of their most popular singers, who may be permanently paralyzed from a fall during opening ceremony rehearsals.

    What’s up with the judges bias? How does a Chinese gymnast land on her knees and still get the score she got? Could it be that the judges are from countries whose athletes are NOT competing in this particualr event. One could argue that this makes them a little less qualified than judges from countries who consistantly have athletes competing.

    However, I must say that the Chinese people have been gracious hosts. They seem to be respectful of all the athletes regardless of their country of origin. And I have yet to hear any trash talking coming from the stands (not that I am there to hear it – and even if I was I don’t speak the language!) I can’t imagine the same was true when the games were held in LA.

    And kudos to NBC for some very decent coverage. I think they have found the right balance between the actual events and the human interest stories. And the HD is to die for! Now if only the west coast could see some of the events live. That would be nice.

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