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Food For Thought: Flip Cameras, Video and Production Quality

February 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I spent a few minutes tonight following #journchat on twitter and one conversation in particular stuck out. It was between a few PR pros who were discussing using video as a potential new avenue to pitch journalists. Now I must make it clear that even though 99.9% of PR Pros on Twitter seem to think this is a new idea, it’s not. Not even new to the tune of a few years. Video has always been in play, it just hasn’t ever been this easy or cheap.

I entered the conversation partway in.

jenwakefield: @jamiefloer but flip is so awesome i’ve bypassed video pros

(FYI, a Flip is a new super cheap HD camera which came out a few months back. It should be noted I own one and love it, but it’s hardly a video camera for professional use minus natural disasters or breaking news.)

Jamiefloer responded:  jamiefloer: @jenwakefield I know you love your Flip, but for things like time lapse, complex editing etc. we hire pros #journchat

Jen answered: jenwakefield: @jamiefloer yeah my video editing is pretty ghetto. but it’s free. tight budget=free is good #journchat

And that’s what got me thinking: “pretty ghetto. but it’s free. tight budget=free is good.” 

I’ve found myself in a lot of conversations lately over quality vs. quantity. Several media pros have weighed in with excellent opinions, and while I don’t agree with all of them, one thing seems to remain the same: publications won’t put crap in print, but a majority will online.

As a multimedia journalist competing with professionals who own $5,000 video cameras and $3,000 microphones, I’ve had to come up with unique ways to stay professional without selling my kidney. Sure my budget is tight, but that does not mean I revert back to “ghetto editing skills.” It would be hard to imagine I’d have a job much longer if I did. As video becomes cheaper, and editing software easier to use, we will no doubt continue to see low budget video on top tier sites. The big question however, is what happens when advertisers see the video? Will they spend the money to advertise? Or will they tell their six-year-old to go out and shoot their friends playing outside in branded tee shirts and then just throw it up on Youtube? Either way time will tell.

Have a favorite online video or video site? I’d love to hear about it. Thanks.


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