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Random thoughts while driving through Kansas

  • Birds in Kansas are fing crazy. Like they can really fly 75 mph? Nuts…
  • Only two billboards have lights: Jesus and Adult Book Store
  • 70 mph speed limits suck
  • Colby, Kansas is either 41 or 40 or 38 miles from the first cluster of billboards
  • Apparently Nebraska’s number one tourist attraction is Pioneer Days. The billboard however is missing a few things, like when and where the place actually is.
  • Just before entering Kansas you pass “Now leaving beautiful Colorado” and what is Kansas’s response? “Welcome to Kansas the wheat state.” Now that’s selling me…
  • Gorillas can be found at the Oasis Flying J. Actually for that matter, so can Starbucks, cheap greasy food, and palm trees.
  • Whatever you do, don’t miss the world’s biggest prairie dog! It’s right next to the live five-legged cow.
  • Worried about missing the dog and cow? Don’t, eight billboards point the way.
  • Look south at mile 173. See the blue Walker shed? I bet the red truck is still parked there….
  • Apparently Kansas is home to the 2nd friendliest yarn store in the universe. Still looking for #1 and wondering why they just don’t decide to take the title.
  • Flying J atms suck. $3.75 to take out $20
  • Hay’s History Museum slogan: “Where history comes to life,” seriously wondering if this is EVERY history museum’s slogan.
  • Rush Limbaugh is on FM radio. Apparently Obama is responsible for unconstitutionally closing down Chrysler plants and giving Rush enough to talk about for decades.
  • During May the grass is green and when the sky is dark the prairie comes alive with color.
  • I’ll be making this drive a lot so might as well get used to it…
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