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New Video On – 24 Hours Of Moab

October 7, 2008 1 comment

Went to Moab last week and had a day to film the 24 Hours of Moab race course for My talent, colleague and good friend Mark Harrison, took a beating and rode well over 25-miles, but nailed the shots and was even willing to endo a few times for the credits.

Overall the video took roughly 40 hours from pre to post production, with enough problems to make me age a few more months than I should have.

But as I kept saying while editing, “Holy crap I can’t believe I am lucky enough to get paid for this stuff.” 

So follow the link and check it out. The more views the better, and if I get enough, they might even let me do another one.


The Hills Are On Fire… Colorado Aspens

October 6, 2008 12 comments

Gave up sleeping in on Saturday to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park and soak in the Aspens one last time this fall.  Rumor has it a huge storm is headed our way and the leaves might not last past midweek. So please enjoy.

PS: The girl is Jessie — a good friend from DU who I love to explore the woods with.



Images That Speak – Action/Reaction 48 Hours Of Creation

August 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine, posted an interesting link today on his blog A Photo Editor. The link directs to Aurora Photos, a stock agency looking for a new way to highlight their already deep catalog and photographers. Take a moment and check it out if you have some time. The images are powerful to say the least.

From Their Website:

Rocky Mountain National Park – 21-Mile Loop

August 11, 2008 3 comments

God I love this place. Saturday was a day of solitude, a day of inner conversations, working things out, and praying about what’s next. I woke at 4:45 am. and immediately cursed myself for dreaming up such an idea. Just short of an hour later I was at the trailhead, basking in early morning light, cinching up my boots and starting the GPS track. The first three miles were the worst, and more than once I almost turned back to watch TV, read and relax. But alas I didn’t. Here are some shots from my beautifully long day hike, which took me up, over, around, and through everything Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer.

Early morning light on the trail:


Longs Peak shrouded in clouds:

Trail Sign:

The east face of Longs:

Elk in the distance:

Lush meadow:


Best Photo Ever: Just Look At The Eyes

August 5, 2008 2 comments

So I’ve posted this photo before, but screw it, it should be viewed at least once every six months. The folks are some of my best friends on their first trip down the Middle Fork of the American.

(ps: the first time I rafted this river was as a guest in high school. I was scared shitless. Funny how things change and our comfort zones expand. Good times for sure.)

The Perfect Day – Chicago Lakes and Friends

August 5, 2008 1 comment

From this weekends trip to Chicago Lakes.





If you could drop everything what would you do? — My challenge to you

July 30, 2008 3 comments

Answer this: If you could drop everything, without consequence, and follow one dream, what would it be?

Now think about what is stopping you? The barriers that immediately shut down your idealism. Are they able to be breached? Are they materialistic? Are they family based? Are they rooted in fear?

My dream?

The Six Degrees of Separation Project

The Mission: America needs to remember its beauty – The idealism that has captivated millions to risk death just for a chance to succeed. To jump borders. Leave family. Drive a taxi by day, go to school at night. America needs to hear the stories of idealism beyond Disneyesque packaged prime time. The need to see the faces of struggling entrepreneurs. Stay-at-home mothers. Hourly wageworkers. Wall Street wonders. The project will link together, using the philosophy of six degrees of separation, the everyday fabric of our lives.

Execution: I would start out with one person, and listen to their story. That one person would then be responsible for introducing me to the next individual. I would then listen, learn, and document their story. The individual would then be responsible for introducing the next person. The catch, however, is the person cannot introduce me to a person the previous person knows. I also will need to spend at least one night with the selected individual, so I can accurately portray a sliver of their life.

Deliverables: By meshing my love for storytelling with technology, I will produce a variety of multimedia components: video, written word, photography, podcasting, GPS oriented content to name just a few. The project would be available via a website, and social networking tools.

The Crux: Before embarking I would compile a bucket list of goals: be a guest on the Tonight Show, run a marathon in a major city, help a kid learn how to throw a baseball, learn how to sail, and have dinner with the President. That I wish to complete during the trip.

Barriers: Capital. That’s it.

My Challenge to You: If you feel as though reaching your goal is out of reach, help me reach mine. I will make a promise to fulfill on this. All I need is a little help. This does not necessarily mean just cash, though that will put some gas in my tank. A simple introduction may be more than enough.

What would this take? Honestly, I’m not sure. Startup costs would be roughly 5K to get the appropriate equipment and website built. Then it’s a matter of gas, food, and enough cash so when I stay with a stranger I can cook them dinner, or take their kids out for ice cream. Ideally I would start in Colorado, and work east.

It is also important to note that I am not just asking for a handout to travel without risk to myself. I am willing to put my own capital behind this journey, as well as my personal name and time. Several people noted that “this seems a little strange,” and “I’m not sure what my first impressions are,” which is more than reasonable. I will work on answering these questions in a more detailed post shortly, but for now I wanted to just put the idea out there.

Think you can help? Let me know. If I can raise 20k I will hit the road and follow a life-long dream, which will hopefully change one persons life for the better.

Note: 20K is also equal to 200 folks taking a $100 chance. Broken up, anything is possible.

Please feel free to circulate this post to whomever you like.

If you don’t know me and would like to talk, please feel free to give me a ring at 303.406.1876 or email me directly at timshisler (at) gmail (.com) – I will be more than willing to answer any of your questions.